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CMS Development Services


Content management system is a web based software application for organizing and facilitating website management through a web browser. A content management system is frequently a web application used for managing websites and web content. It is designed for non-technical users to add or edit content, upload and add images and to manage the website content.A content management solution helps deliver optimal solutions for your online presence, thus helping you meet your goals.

Why CMS?

It is quite appropriate to ask why you should go for content management system as a solution for your business requirement:

  • It gives you complete control over your content
  • Makes content authoring & delivery easy and convenient
  • No technical expertise or training required to operate CMS based solutions
  • Streamlining made easy

Why Hire CodeAroma Technologies for CMS Development?

  • CodeAroma Technologies has dedicated team for the different CMS platforms, and offers solutions that help meet your business goals.
  • Understands your business requirements, and offers solutions that help meet them
  • Dedicated team for individual platforms, of developers who have a vast experience, and the required expertise
  • Quality driven solutions within the stipulated time
  • Industry specific and user centric solutions
  • Complete support with seamless communication

CMS Development Frameworks:

1. WordPress CMS Development:

Based on PHP and MySQL, WordPress is the most popular open source content management system and equally valued blogging tool that is being used over more than 60 million websites worldwide. It serves as an ideal platform for publishing online content and is popularly used to create blogs as well as websites. Numerous themes, widgets and plugins make WordPress easily customizable and a dynamic Content Management System. Another striking feature of this system is that it can accommodate any kind of website.

Here are some of the advantages of using WordPress:

  • Powerful SEO features
  • larger user community
  • Easy to install and maintain
  • Customizable WordPress code
  • No advertisements
  • Faster

Why WordPress?

  • WordPress presents a range of unmatched and unprecedented possibilities.
  • It lets you manage content as if you are writing a mail.
  • It is rich with more than 24,000 Plug-ins.
  • Its Plug-ins are customizable to accommodate diverse functionalities.
  • WordPress is search engine friendly.
  • It is full of modules and small widgets that allow features like form fill up, and native support for audio and video embeds.
  • It also supports improved integrations of the content.
  • Support a number of websites at the same time.
  • Provide support to multiple users.

Our custom WordPress Services

  • Development & Integration of WordPress CMS.
  • Development & customization of WordPress website.
  • Blog Development through WordPress.
  • Website Designing services for WordPress.
  • Theme Design services for WordPress.
  • Design Integration over WordPress.
  • Implementation & Setup of WordPress.
  • Data Migration over WordPress.

2.Joomla CMS Development:

Joomla is an amazing content management system that includes a lots of tools that can assist in creating some interactive websites. It facilitates development of interactive websites and a range of powerful web applications. Joomla uses PHP scripting language and has thousands of extensions making it customizable for diverse business applications.

Why Joomla?

  • simplified user interface and a unified installer.
  • It also allows users to add and edit menu items with great ease.
  • it boasts of an improved user interface as well as detail views.
  • supports an enhanced error handling system too.
  • It is user friendly both for administrator and a common user.
  • It supports customized modules.
  • It facilitates easy modification of content as well as of layout.

Our Joomla Services

  • Website design and development
  • Development of custom modules
  • Template design & integration
  • Third party module integration
  • Custom extension development
  • application development
  • Installation and configuration of Joomla CMS

We ensure that when it comes to CMS Development services, you have nothing to worry! Just Contact Us.