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PHP Web Development


Do you want to develop an interactive and highly functional website from the scratch? PHP Core would be an apt choice for your requirement. PHP is a type of an open source programming language that is a very popular for developing web applications. Considered to be the best platform to design websites, you can create dynamic and feature friendly applications with PHP.

Creating scalable websites is easy and cost effective with PHP. At CodeAroma Technologies, we aim to give you the best of the PHP applications. With a team of PHP experts who stay up to date with latest PHP development tools and technologies, we help develop applications that are customizable according to your needs.

Why Choose PHP

The PHP platform provides a number of preliminary benefits which are absolutely necessary for any designed web content to flourish. It allows you to develop feature rich, and highly functional websites, which translates into a good user experience. Here are a few reasons why PHP should be your choice for website development.

  • Great and Effective Development Solution.
  • Online Trading Portals and Directories
  • Compatible with other frameworks and operating systems
  • Scalable and robust website solutions

PHP Development includes following Categories:

  • Bulletin Boards
  • CRM Application Development
  • CMS Development
  • E-commerce Websites
  • Business Application
  • Social Networking Portals
  • Forum Development

No matter what your needs may be, PHP will ensure that your needs are covered and PHP application development by our experts will get the job done for you on time!

Is PHP Enterprise Ready?

Enterprise applications include both content communication and collaboration software like the ERP software, CRM software, SCM software etc. This is the main reason why enterprise software needs to be reliable, robust, scalable, resilient and secure. PHP has all that it takes to develop enterprise apps. Let’s have a look at why PHP should be used for enterprise app development.

  • It is a highly flexible platform. It helps translating complex requirements into an easy and friendly app.
  • It make integration easy as it has compatibility with a wide variety of operating systems and software
  • It is a secure platform.
  • It is an open source platform, thus there is a good user base contributing towards support and maintenance of this platform
  • A strong and healthy ecosystem combined with quality control systems helps create good enterprise apps
  • Excellent tools and good support from Zend

Why Choose Us?

CodeAroma Technologies experts are experienced and skilled in using the PHP platforms for web development. Every PHP application developer of our research and technical team will keep user requirements in mind. The applications which are developed through this platform can have many features, and here is why you should choose us:

  • We offer interactive user interface that translates into incredible user experience.
  • Dedicated team of PHP experts is well versed with the servers, user interface needs, UX design, and methodologies to deploy an interactive website.
  • Full Technical support after development
  • Applications made are tailored to suit your business objectives
  • Quality projects within time, all the time!
  • We have all modern tools and techniques available which required to develop great applications.

CodeAroma Technologies provides comprehensive support for any problems or queries for the users. The web applications which are designed by us are made to meet your business needs. It has always been our mission to deliver the best quality content with efficiency and in the limited time.

PHP Development Frameworks:

1.CakePHP Development

Cake PHP is an open source web application framework that provides an architectural base for the development of websites and complex web applications. Based on the concept of Ruby on Rails, Cake PHP uses established design patterns like Object-Relational Mapping (ORM), Model-View-Controller (MVC) and Convention over Configuration (COC)paradigms. This imparts an unmatched extensibility to it and makes it ideal for developing and deploying large scale web apps within a relatively short period of time.


  • Cake PHP web application development is fast
  • It offers powerful data validation features
  • It is ideally suited for data based website
  • It facilitates the development of complex applications with a minimal amount of coding
  • It is cost effective and saves time required for website development
  • It is compatible with PHP4 and PHP5, AJAX
  • It also offers CSFR protection; highly secure tools for input validation, Application Scaffolding, Built in Validation and Authentication Access Control Lists (ACL) data sanitization
  • It also offers support for multiple tasks and much more


  • Highly creative and experienced Cake PHP developers team
  • We specialize in designing, developing and deploying cutting edge Cake PHP solutions
  • We offer functional, feature rich and cost effective Cake PHP Web development services

2.Zend Development

PHP Zend framework recently launched ZF2 which is becoming quite popular for its object oriented web application framework which uses PHP 5.x. Zend Framework or ZF2 is an open source, highly versatile web application development framework that offers scalable and flexible solutions. This community based framework is continuously updated and upgraded to expand the base functionality and features. It is a modern robust framework which helps create web 2.0 and 3.0 based solutions.

Zend Framework uses an advanced MVC (Model-View-Controller) which is now a standard in design and development of web applications. With MVC development is enhanced in terms of time, scability and performance.

With Zend framework you can develop applications that help manage a suite of Enterprise functionality. The components are completely object oriented, and E-STRICT compliant, and use at-will architecture combined with minimal dependencies within the different components. This framework supports multiple database systems and different vendors, which churns out highly scalable and flexible solutions. It comes with an extensive compilation of libraries that can be used within the ready to use templates. A versatile caching sub-system which supports a wide range of back-ends and a flexible MVC architecture comes with the Zend framework.

Features of Zend Framework

  • E-Strict Compliant
  • Object Oriented
  • Use at Will Architecture
  • Extensible MVC Implementation
  • Multiple Database Support
  • Flexible Caching Subsystem
  • Email Composition & Delivery

Why CodeAroma Technologies

  • Expert team of Zend developers
  • Core knowledge
  • Unique & innovative solutions
  • 24*7*365 Customer Support
  • Committed to quality
  • Faster time to market
  • Reasonable budgets

We ensure that when it comes to PHP Development services, you have nothing to worry! Just Contact Us.