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Windows App Development


Ask Nokia who made Windows phones successful and you will get the answer – there are hundreds of thousands out there who use Windows mobile phones today to access the web!

Windows phones were there for years but not till the Nokia Lumia Series with Windows Phone 8 did we see the OS breaking into the market. Now, with millions of users and potential customers for you, wouldn’t it be great to have Windows mobile web development?

Although the aggregate turnover and popularity of the Android market and Android phones is quite high, the Windows OS by Microsoft has done quite well in recent times.

Why CodeAroma?

CodeAroma is a growing in the field of software and application development for the Windows phones.

  • We provide you with extremely efficient web development that brings out the best web designs.
  • The cost of web development is substantially on the lower side, with Windows phones being more developer friendly.
  • We help you create web sites from different niches including news, audio, music, sports, gaming, eBook, general purposes and so on. Browsing your web site on Windows Phones will be easy and smooth!
  • Talk of user reliability and user interface and we are there! The website developer will be incredibly reliable and are designed to work on all the Windows smart phones.

More Importantly, at CodeAroma, We Help You:

  • Secure your website thoroughly.
  • Design websites keeping windows framework and MS SQL in mind.

We ensure that when it comes to Windows App Development, you have nothing to worry! Just Contact Us.